The treatment of blood vessels by the injection of an irritant which causes inflammation, coagulaton of blood, and narrowing of the blood vessel wall.

Thread veins

Why do we get thread veins?

The veins in the legs have to return blood from the feet back towards the heart against gravity. There are two main systems of veins in the legs. The deep system lies the muscles in the legs and carries the majority of the blood. As the muscle contract the veins are squeezed and lood moves up the veins. Valves attached to the walls of the vessels prevent backward flow and as the blood moves up it is drawn into the deep system from the superficial system in the skin.


Approximately 50% of the population will at some point develop a problem with their veins. Varicose veins occur when the valves in the veins do not close properly and bloodleaks back against the flow, this is called reflux. This causes a back pressure in the superficial veins which are not supported by muscle and can dilate. As they stretch their valves do not close properly, and so the problem develops, leading to varicose veins and thread veins.

Though varicose veins can be verry unsightly and unconfortable only 2% of sufferers will go on to develop skin problems such as swelling, pigmentation and leg ulcers caused by poor circulation.  For this reason the NHS does not usualty offer treatment for varicose veins which are consideered largely a cosmetic problem.

What are the effects of the treatment?

Sclerotherapy is a popular method of eliminating thread veins and spider veins. A solution, called a sclerosing agent, is injected into the veins to break down the vein wall.

What are the effects of the treatment?
Sclerotherapy is very well tolerated and most patients have few side effects. Some of the common effects include itching at the injection site, hyperpigmentation and superficial blebs (similar to hives) but this settles down with time.

What causes varicose and thread veins?

The causes are largely unknown, but experts agree: 



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