What Is Mesopeel ?

Mesopeel is a professional chemical peeling system based on organic acids, aimed at rejuvenating the skin and making it glowing, brightand soft.

Who Is It Suitable For Mesopeel ?

Suitable to all skin types. Day after day we are faced with UV, stress, smoking, hormonal disturbances. These attacks affect the skin, especially on the visible surface of our face: the epidermis. It gets marked with little imperfections and stains. Its surface is changing, pores dilate. To correct these signs, there is now a solution: Mesopeel (can be combined with Mesopherapy).

What's Mesopeel Like?

A PEELING involves applying an ex-foliating solution on the face,neck and décolleté to improve the appearance of the skin by smoothly removing the surface layers of the epidermis. A session typically lasts about 10 minutes and consists in the successive application of solutions to the skin. It is a well-controlled action performed by your therapist, which will act effectively on blemishes, pores and imperfections and promote cell renewal. It smoothly eliminates dead cells accumulated on the surface of the skin and deeply stimulates cell renewal allowing the emergence of new cells.

What happens after Mesopeel?

Very soon the skin becomes smoother, clearer and the pores are tightened. Finally the whole face starts glowing. PEELINGS don’t cause any social downtime. It is only advised to apply a sunscreen and moisturise the skin for a few days after the peeling.

Chemical Peel - BioRePeel

Chemical Peel – BioRePeel is an innovative peel treatment that we are proud to offer at our clinic. It has a patented 2-phase technology. This allows our talented and successful team to utilise their skills and knowledge in tandem with this popular modern treatment technique.

This procedure provides a bio-stimulating, revitalising and peel-like effect. The exhilarating combination of these components can result in mild exfoliation. This, in turn, stimulates the biosynthetic process and speeds up desired cosmetic results.

Our expert team will choose the correct chemical peel application for you. Your suitability will be determined in a one-to-one consultation at our clinic.

Individual Care For Your Satisfaction

  • We understand that you may not want your treatment to be obvious to everyone. It does not have to be dramatic, unless you want it to be. We tailor each and every treatment to the individual needs of the patient. Your BioRePeel treatment will address your specific treatment needs. We aim to give you the results you desire to leave you looking and feeling amazing.

Why You Can Trust Us With Your BioRePeel Treatment

  • At The Aesthetic Treatment Rooms, we provide reassurance and information about the cosmetic procedures and aesthetics world. Furthermore, we provide the latest procedures with state-of-the-art products with modern and efficient techniques. The professional, medical grade peel you will experience is excellent value. BioRePeel will be an extremely satisfying treatment each and every time you book with us.

Chemical Peel - Classic

Recommended 3 sessions – 1/month for optimal results. Repeat treatment as needed.

This is a great and easy peel ideal before any dermal fillers, Dermapen treatment or as a deep clean on its own.

Once a month for minimum 3 sessions – ideal for photo- ageing, superficial wrinkles, expression lines, post- acne skin imperfections, superficial scars, seborrhoeic skin, stretch marks

Chemical Peel Lightening

This Peel has the same ingredients as the classic peel plus the lightening agents and works wonders on localised hypermelanosis, melasma from pregnancy or contraceptives, melanotic pigmentation, markes caused by photo-aging.

Treat the area once a month – minimum 3 sessions recommended

PEELS & Mesotherapy 


For this procedure please review our prices and

Eternal Aesthetics Clinic

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Peels & Mesotherapy

Best Results Are Achieved With A Combination Treatment:

*** Prices are inclusive of VAT and  a 3D Consultation ***
*** A stand alone Consultation is £30 ***
*** The Booking Deposit  of £30 is refundable when your appointment is honoured and treatment proceeded with ***

Eternal Aesthetics reserves the right to retain the deposit for no show, lateness more than 15 min , cancellations within 24 hours or in the instance of not going through with the treatment after the consultation was provided.

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