Dermapen Medical

What is it and how does it work?

Dermapen Medical TM, awarded highly commended treatment of the year in 2015 from the Aesthetic Journal, has revolutionised the way aesthetic professionals treat numerous skin conditions.

As we age, the body’s natural production of supporting cells, fibroblasts and the skin’s collagen and elastin naturally diminish leading to wrinkles and skin sagging. Stimulating the skin to produce more fibroblasts, collagen and elastin it’s called ‘Collagen Induction Therapy’ and is used as an alternative to facelifts and other surgical interventions with remarkable results.

Welcome to the world of Dermapen!

DermapenTM Medical has redefined micro needling by allowing the treatments to be affordable and effective, compared to alternative methods such as fractional rejuvenation.

DermapenTM  offers unrivalled needling innovation with it’s original, exclusive and patented technology. The spring loaded microderm needle cartridge uses electrically charged automation to revolutionise skin needling procedures on the face and body, even hard to reach areas like around the eyes and nose.

DermapenWorldTM has taken many years to perfect the Dermapen TM Medical and taken into account feedback from many thousands of clinics around the world culminating in it being regarded as the ‘Gold Standard of Micro Needling Technology’.

What are the benefits of using Dermapen Medical v alternative treatments?

Who is the treatment recommended for?

For patients that have acne scars, wrinkles and any kind of textural issues on their face, Dermapen Medical is our go-to treatment. Is good for patients that are unwilling to tolerate the downtime and possible side effects of more aggressive treatments, such as CO2.

It’s great as an anti-aging treatment as well, for someone with mildly aged skin or superficial wrinkles who is looking for a treatment to maintain their youthful appearance.  There is very little risk, they’re not going to thin out their skin, they’re not prone to getting hyperpigmentation, and overall the treatment is very well tolerated.

Skin rejuvenation patients who were previously treated with rollers, say they have better results after Dermapen Medical TM treatments. This device provides an ‘even stimulation’ that allows us to treat the folds and wrinkles better than with a roller.

Our patients are extremely pleased with the results. It is such a unique and versatile device that we treat a wide-range of ages with this device, including people in their 20s, 30s, 40s, right up to their 70s, it is simply amazing.

How many treatments do I need?

Our consultants assess your individual needs and agree with you the recommended course of treatments.
After four to six treatments performed every two to four weeks, patients see their skin has visibly changed. It is tighter, the colour is more even and minor scars are less noticeable. Patients also notice remarkable changes in the shape of the lower face, such as improved skin laxity. Word-of-mouth patient referrals for Dermapen have been excellent.

DERMAPEN Medical- Micro Needling

The 4 Minute Face- FMM/ Fractional Million Makeover

This treatment is ideal for natural Collagen induction, Face and body toning and lifting, Hands & fingers rejuvenation, Peri-orbital & Peri-oral, Ear rejuvenation, overall Skin rejuvenation, Hyper&Hypo pigmentation, Sun damage, Scarring, Dilated pores, Fine lines, Wrinkles, Rosacea, Atrophic scars, Acne and Acne scars, Alopecia, Stretch marks, Cellulite and more.

TREATMENT per AREA i.e Face, Neck, Décolletage, Hands, Arms, Upper Legs ,Butt…….

2nd AREA on the same day-1/2 PRICE


For this procedure please review our prices and

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Price List

Dermapen Medical – Micro Needling

*** Prices are inclusive of VAT and  a 3D Consultation ***
*** A stand alone Consultation is £30 ***
*** The Booking Deposit  of £30 is refundable when your appointment is honoured and treatment proceeded with ***

Eternal Aesthetics reserves the right to retain the deposit for no show, lateness more than 15 min , cancellations within 24 hours or in the instance of not going through with the treatment after the consultation was provided.

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