Radio Frequency Body treatment

Radio killed the cellulite, fast. Multi-polar Radio Frequency Technology (or Multi-polar RF to save your breath) is a non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatment that blasts away stretch marks, cellulite and other deeply rooted skin issues without the need for anaesthetic. How?

We all know the drill; as we age, our skin loses elasticity as connective tissue (such as old friend collagen) begins to break down. Wrinkles, sagging and skin thinning set in, as does the longing for a baby-soft complexion. Enter Multi-polar RF. Also known as body contouring, this powerful treatment uses heat to penetrate fat. 


Radio Frequency Body treatment


Here’s the nitty gritty: when fat cells are heated, they break down and liquid fat is released. The fat cells then shrink and collagen and elastin renewal is sped up, resulting in smoother and younger-looking skin. Yup, miracles do happen. 

Also known as body contouring, this powerful treatment uses heat to penetrate fat. 


A device that looks a bit like a shower head will be placed on your skin for 15 to 60 minutes, targeting problem areas with ultrasound waves that work to destroy fat cells, tighten the skin and diminish cellulite. With little-to-no recovery time -any redness should go within 24 hours- you’ll be glowing at the drop of a hat! Almost all patients are said to see a difference after their first session, so if you have a special event, sun-soaked holiday or Saturday night coming up and you’re after instant results, then Multi-polar RF could be your secret weapon. 


It should be noted that if you’ve been fitted with a pacemaker or have a metal plate/pin in the area in which you wish to be treated, you should avoid the treatment. If you suffer from severe heart disease, muscular or connective tissue disorders or are pregnant/breastfeeding, then it’s best to steer clear of it too. 

For the rest of you, it’s time to turn up the heat for a surefire fat-fighting experience.

We offer the most effective non-surgical results

A combination of radio frequency and magnetic fields to heat the tissues beneath the skin, stimulating the production of fibrin and elastin, resulting in smoother, firmer looking skin and of course a reduction in cellulitis. 

Treatment Protocol and Prices

Treatment area     Working time    CoursePrice 

Abdomen              30 min            2- 3times every week £160/£240

Legs                     30 min            2-3times every week £160/£240

Arms                    30 min         2-3times every week £160/£240

Packages : 
Course of 2 treatment areas ( I.e. upper& lower abdomen and arms)  £300
Course of 3 treatment areas ( I.e Butt,legs,abdomen) £350 

Single Session

 3 Sessions

 6 Sessions

 8 Sessions



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