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- FMM ( Fractional Million Makeover) is one of the fastest, most effective treatments face lift that reduces wrinkles, stretch marks, acne, rosacea, pigmentations, scars and dark circles all at the same treatment


For a firmer, more youthful skin, replenished cheeks or for more hydrated and voluptuous lips, hands, neck, décolletage that look younger, nose reshape, dark circles around the eyes / teartrough- treatment with hyaluronic acid is the solution for You


The excellent choice for skin quality, reduction of wrinkles and fine lines through a cocktail of vitamins and hyaluronic acid to improve the brightness, hydration and elasticity by over 100%


A WAW brand new approach to give your skin’s quality a real boosting hydration levels deep inside the skin with immediate results on face, Lips, neck, décolletage and hands.

Great improvement on acne scars!


Significantly reduces pigmentation, dilated pores and imperfections caused by UV, stress, smoking, or hormonal disorders within 10 minutes

PDO Threads

Do you want to lift, tighten and re-define your face, boost collagen production and have long term anti-aging results without suffering from the challenges of a cosmetic surgery? Then PDO Threads is the answer !!!


No 1 method of FAT reduction in the UK with proven, safe and effective clinical trials. Freezes and permanently reduces the thickness of fat up to %59 in 1 treatment with results as early as 10 days

Wrinkle injections

Rejuvenate and temporarily relaxes facial muscles, reduces fine lines, wrinkles and helps with excessive sweating

At Eternal Aesthetics We Believe In “SAFETY FIRST”

Up to %59 proven results of Fat Reduction with LIPOGLAZE Callista machine and the latest 360 degree Fat Freeze technology
Try AQUALYX and FAT FREEZE combination Offer treatment

Was £400 - per area (1 cup)

Now £100


Great prices this season £££ OFF

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